Monday, 10 November 2014

Finlayson Sweater

Next one up is the Finlayson Sweater by Thread Theory that I made for my husband. It was his Birthday last month and I wasn't quite sure what to give him. So why not sew something? When I decided to make this sweater I was aware he might not like it at all or that it would not fit. I wanted it to be a surprise, so there was no fitting involved. I managed to get his measurements and sneakily told him that I needed to learn to take other people's measurements for my sewing class ;)

I found the fabric at Fabric Godmother. It is this Roma Jersey and I picked it after I ordered a few samples. It is super soft and I am looking forward to make something for myself from the leftovers! I am thinking mini skirt to go with colourful tights.
I also used some mustard jersey that I got from Backstitch for the decorative facing. Love the colour contrast but not 100% happy with that second seam. Next one will be better ;)

I got the pattern as a pdf and it was pretty straight forward. I struggled a little bit with attaching the collar and as you can probably see, stretched the corners at the front a bit too much. When I am making this again I might get some stretch interfacing to avoid this.

And did he like it? I am please to say he LOVED it!! It is his favourite jumper to date and he got lots of positive comments about it. And no, people did not know I made it! Very happy!

So, I am making him another one for Christmas. I got this lovely and super soft grey Ponte Roma. I am slightly nervous about it. I feel expectations could be rather hight after the first one.

Are you sewing things for your partner, friends or family? Do they appreciate your efforts and do you find it as nerve wracking as I do?

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