Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Zippy top with no zip

Hello, hello. It's been a while. I think I took these photographs back in October (bit more obvious when you see the last picture). It's been rather busy here with Christmas markets (I have a small textile business and currently selling off all my sock), crazy sewing as I am running out of stock and some lovely travels to Switzerland.
Unfortunately this has left me with hardly any time to do some sewing for myself, but instead I went on a bit of a pattern buying craze and I am sure it won't be long until I make something new. 
Ok, the fabric is actually a really nice dark foresty green (if this is a colour) but still working on my photography skills. So please be patient with me ;)

I am in need of some simple tops in my wardrobe and I really liked the simplicity of the Zippy Top from See Kate Sews. I decided to make it without a zip as I wanted a quick and easy make. Turned out it wasn't that quick as I hoped for. I do that a lot recently. Thinking I am sure I will be able to make this up this afternoon… but it never really happens as I make mistakes or it is just not as easy as I thought ;)

The fabric that I used is polyester I think and I got it at Goldhawk Road in London. I am still learning a lot about fabrics and very excited that I shall be getting the Fabric for Fashion book for Christmas!
Ok, back to the top. I cut the fabric on the bias. It is already quite drapy but just wanted to try something I have not done before and I am liking the result. I decided to do a french seam. The seam allowance is only 1cm but as it is a loose fit I decided to just use a bit more and skip the part of increasing the seam allowance to 1.5cm. Basically, I was being lazy.

I also made a little pocked inspired by What Katie sews. I think this is the part that took me forever. First I made the wrong size, then the first one I put on looked absolutely awful and I had to make another one. The pattern has a facing for the neckline but I don't really like them. So after watching some Youtube videos I decided to just turn the neckline over. Hmmm, no it didn't work out that well and I am planning to unpick it and turning it over with some bias binding. Sorry, can't remember how that technique is called, anyone?

Ok, got to go back to the crazy sewing so that my market stall looks a bit like something this weekend. What are you up to at the moment? Do you have time to work on any sewing for yourself or busy with Christmas stuff too? Would love to hear what you are making!

Made a little video of this, you can see it on instagram


  1. Lovely top, the drape works really well. I have lots of projects (all for me) on the go, a coat, a dress and a skirt!

    1. Thank you mags. I like your Francoise dress, really wanted to make one too in time for the competition but run out of time.
      All your projects sound exciting, especially the coat!!