Friday, 6 February 2015

Espresso Gold Leggins plus Baby Version

Recently I have been trying to stick to some sort of sewing plan. I have nothing written down but it is all in my head. I would like to try to sew clothes that I really need and if I would not sew I had to go out and buy them. Well, those leggins kinda jumped the queue. How rude! But so worth it.
And I still had some of that fab gold double knit I used for my NYE dress.

I got the Seamwork subscription as a Christmas present from my mum and can I just say I LOVE it. I have been on the search for this kind of magazine for some time. I did not want a magazine with too much crafty stuff and neither one with loads of patterns in it. Seawmwork is perfect, you get lots of interesting and useful information (for free!!!) and if you choose to subscribe you get two patterns that are sewn up really quickly. I like it.

So, the second edition came with a leggins pattern and I just had to quickly make them. I think I will get a few more queue jumpers from the magazine. The current issue comes with a bra and panties pattern. Do I need to say more?

Back to the leggins. Unfortunately the Manila leggins did not fit. They were too tight on the lower leg. I was too lazy to alter the pattern and got another one instead. The Espresso leggins. I think it is great because you need to measure lots of different points on your legs and this means they are most likely going to fit. The pattern comes with only one leg piece (back and front are already together). As I wanted to keep my black triangles, that I had tried with the previous pattern, I cut the pattern in half to get a front and back piece and then cut them into two pieces again to get the black and gold pattern. This time I made a toile as I did not want to waist any more of my precious gold fabric. I had to slightly move the side seam and alter the fit a tiny bit. I have already made some final alterations for the next version. I made the lower leg slightly wider and will raise the back seam by a few cm. And maybe got to do something about those wrinkles under my bum. Going to a 'How to fit your clothes' course this Sunday and taking my Ginger Jeans toile. I am sure I will learn something about 'how to fix wrinkles under my bum'…

And here a bonus baby pair! I am going to a Birthday Party for our friends one year old and found this baby/toddler patter in my stash. Perfect! And it only took me 1 hour to make them. And that included tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric. I love quick projects.

Now I am back to my sewing list. You can expect to see some PJ's if I manage to get some good pictures (its sooo dark at the moment). And Ginger Jeans of course!

Do you have a sewing plan? And do you have the pattern or fabric first?


  1. I definitely have to have a sewing plan written down, otherwise I'm a bit hit and miss and have a bad habit of starting something and then never finishing it - oops!!

    With a plan, while I can still get carried away with all the shiney new things, I always go back to my plan to remind myself what I still have to do, and it keeps me on track :)

    1. I might have to do that too, I am already starting to get distacted by nice summer dresses!

  2. Oh they look ace! Shame the first ones didn't fit but hopefully it was a useful learning curve. The mini pair are totally awesome! xx