Saturday, 16 May 2015

Chambray Laurel Dress

I have been making a lot of basics recently. PJ's, t-Shirts, sweatpants etc. and didn't have the urge to share them. But this one here made me rather happy which gave me enough motivation to go through the 'making myself look pretty-taking photographs-writing about it' process.

Last year I started to notice the chambray fabrics but I didn't particularly like them. And then a few month ago I suddenly started to love them. I wonder how this happens. Is it because you constantly see things that your mind gets tricked into liking something? Or is it because of the change of season? Anyway, I like chambray - now full stop :)

I was particularly inspired by this pin and then the search began for the perfect fabric. I found this one on Offset Warehouse but it was a pit pricy. I then got the email that is was on sale and I was happy. If you like it too, it is still on sale by the way.
Offset Warehouse sells ethically produced fabrics. It does feel great to know where my fabric comes from and that the people who have made it have been paid and treated fairly!!
Oh, and another plus, this chambray is beautiful and so comfortable to wear!!

The pattern is the Laurel Dress from Colette Patterns. I wanted the dress a bit more fitted and have taken it in on the sides and on the back. I have slightly lowered and shortened the bust darts. Looking at these pictures now, I am wondering if it should be even lower but that could also just be my posture. I have also added some pockets.
This is probably my first dress where I did fit changes myself (I had some help from a friend taking it in on the sides and back). It seems just a little thing but I am quite proud and it makes me feel more confident for future makes. I am still finding the whole fitting process quite daunting. 

If I make this dress again I will make a few little changes around the shoulders and arms but otherwise I am very happy with this one.
Talking about fit, anyone knows why I have this V where the zip finishes?? Any suggestions what to do differently?

I have mostly been sewing with knits in the last few month and it was nice to work with a woven fabric for a change. I generally wear knit tops and dresses and I was surprised how comfortable this woven one is! I am planning to make the top version of the pattern too. But first I must make something a bit more colourful. Just got a beautiful flower print and can't wait to make a lovely summer dress!  What is your favourite summer dress pattern?


  1. Beautiful dress, Andrea! I bought a denim shift dress at a thrift store and I plan to make something similar to Laurel dress from it. What size did you make and by how much did you take it in at the sides/back? I am approximately the same size as you and I like the fitted look. For the summer, I am planning to make a Southport dress by True Bias in chambray as well.

    1. Thank you Tatiana! I cut the fabric in a size 2 but then graded down at the waist (probably 2cm on each side) and 1-2 cm down to hips.
      I took about 1 cm off the back but not so much at the top. Still want to be able to cycle comfortably ;)
      Love the Southport dress! Hope yours turns out great!

  2. I love that dress on you! It's so flattering and you style it well, also, those photos are fabulous :) keep up the good work!

  3. You look so sweet! The dress is really cute♥♥

  4. Looks great. You inspired me to make a dress like this.